Magnesium – The Relaxation Mineral

Maggie Roney LPC

Such a small mineral yet it has so much power in our bodies. Magnesium is known as the relaxation mineral for our bodies. Magnesium not only has many benefits that we can see and feel, but is responsible for over 300 chemical processes in the human body. Most importantly for the brain, muscles, bones and to make energy.

Over 50% of the population is deficient in Magnesium. How can you tell if you are deficient? Any part of you that is crampy, irritable, stiff or tight. Some symptoms of a deficiency include addiction, ADD, anxiety, asthma, blood clots, bowel diseases, constipation, depression, detoxification, fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, heart disease, hypertension, insomnia, insulin resistance, irritable bowels syndrome, migraines or headaches, nerve problems, PMS or other gynecological issues, reflux and more.

Why does this deficiency happen? Our society has a problem with real food. We are constantly eating what is known as the SAD Standard American Diet. This includes, highly refined processed foods, too much sugar, and foods high in pesticides (glyphosate). Not only the food’s we choose but the soil it is grown in is no longer able to hold key minerals and vitamins. Certain prescription drugs such as heavy use of antibiotics or many for high blood pressure and chronic intestinal parasites use up magnesium too. Supplementation is usually needed for most people. As well, Magnesium is easily lost and not able to be absorbed due to lack of other key nutrients such as vitamin B6, D, and selenium.

Foods that are high in Magnesium include- kelp, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pecans, beans, parsley, dates, brown rice, collard greens, garlic, shrimp, avocados, rye, brazil nuts, and dandelion greens.

Great Product For Magnesium

Magnsium Soak From code MAGGIE10) This is a soak that is pure and transdermal (which goes through the skin saturating the cells) soak such as the Magnesium soak from Living The Good Life Naturally. This magnesium is all natural and found beneath the Earh’s surface. All of their products are pure and natural. They have magnesium soaks, sprays and muscle creams. By using a soak you can take one supplement that you may have to take in pill form off your list.

If this type of product is not your thing feel free to supplement with different forms of magnesium such as Magnesium Citrate, Glycinate or Threonate. Taking a nice bath in Epsom Salts will add Magnesium too.

Besides supplementing or soaking it is important to not do things that will deplete Magnesium. This includes drinking too much coffee, colas, alcohol or having too much sugar. As well chronic stress even if it is long term of low levels. It is important to practice relaxation whether through exercises such as running, walking, hiking, or any higher impact but also lower such as yoga, meditation and deep breathing.

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