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About Maggie Roney

Welcome Home

The first thing I want you to know is that you are not beyond help. I can help you! I have made sure that the education and certifications I have acquired work together to be able to create a personalized care plan for each of my clients! I am proud to offer compassionate counseling services, EMDR, Neurofeedback, Muscle Testing and Functional Medicine.

Utilizing these services together ensures a comprehensive approach which allows me to get to the root of my client’s issues and on a pathway to healing. I have a heart for and desire to help adolescents, first responders, those with childhood trauma, heal both mentally and physically

I want you to know there is hope, and I’m here to help you!

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Need Training?

Are you a EMDR Counselor in Training? Work on your consultation-of-consultation hours with Maggie, who is also an EMDR Approved Consultant.

About Me

After completing my bachelor’s degree at Texas Woman’s University in 2004, I felt called into counseling. In 2010, I obtained my Master of Science degree in Counseling and Development from Texas A&M University-Commerce. I have been blessed to work for The Family Place, an organization that helps families who have experienced abuse, both as an intern and later in the domestic violence and incest recovery departments.

Then, I moved into a role where I provided inpatient counseling for Timberlawn Mental Health System and continued my work in crisis intervention. I have counseled in multiple environments, including the Salvation Army and correctional facilities. I also have extensive courtroom testimony experience. With all of this, I knew it was time in 2013 to start my own private practice to specialize in trauma recovery through personal counseling services for those twelve and older.

In addition, through my practice, I am proud to offer services such as EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Brainspotting, Muscle Testing, Neurofeedback for children, adolescents, and adults. With having law enforcement officers in my family, I have a heart for and experience in helping First Responders with their trauma recovery as well.

To best care for my clients, I also pursued certification in Functional Medicine to help treat the whole person. I genuinely care for my clients and desire to provide them with hope and healing.

The desire to be happy is like the desire of hunger. It is innate. The reason you are not happy, if you are not, is because you have not gotten to the root yet…I want to help you.

– Maggie Roney


Why I do what I do

I feel called to help those who are in the most vulnerable and darkest times of their lives. I have a passion to help those who have experienced trauma in their lives to be able to tap into and access parts of themselves that are holding them back.

I desire to provide a safe environment for my clients to experience transformational change. Transformation is possible. With the right tools, methods, and time, my clients can experience a healthy and happy life.  

"I'm here for you"

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Truth About Insurance

Truth About Insurance

The lack of limitations due to not accepting insurance, allows me to provide quality care for my clients.

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