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Maggie Roney as a counselor and alternative medicine practitioner

Hope. Healing. Happiness

Maggie Roney's Story

As a counselor and holistic health practitioner, Maggie seeks to empower her clients to know what is right for their body and walk alongside them. With proven methods to build a productive instinct, clients begin to  discern for themselves what is best for their help. 

The individual, customized treatment provides that opportunity for true healing from the root causes so that you can experience a happier and healthier life not ruled by fear, shame or needing to rely on a broken healthcare system.

Discover that hope and healing are possible.

“I want to empower my clients to know what is right for their bodies and use that instinct in a way that is productive, not destructive.” – Maggie Roney

A Call to Help

Why I do what I do

Unfortunately, it is easy to believe the false promises made by the broader society or larger “health” organizations. They all promote things to make you think you need them for quick relief or answers, but instead, it just creates a dependency cycle that may not lead to a lasting healthy lifestyle.

In turn, our human nature wants to walk the path that is familiar over the path that is best. One’s individual care can be slowly taken away at the expense of true health.

You should have the freedom and knowledge to advocate for your health and discern what is right for you.

Maggie Roney Holistic Health Practitioner and Counselor in North Dallas, Texas
"I'm here for you"
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Need Training?

Are you a EMDR Counselor in Training? Work on your consultation-of-consultation hours with Maggie, who is also an EMDR Approved Consultant.

My Experience

Maggie Roney’s path to becoming a counselor and holistic health practitioner began in 2010 where she obtained Master of Science degree in Counseling and Development from Texas A&M University-Commerce. She then worked for The Family Place, an organization that helps families who have experienced abuse, both as an intern and later in the domestic violence and incest recovery departments.

In 2013, Maggie started her own private practice to specialize in trauma recovery through personal counseling services for those twelve and older. With having law enforcement officers in her family, Maggie has a heart for and experience in helping First Responders with their trauma recovery as well.

The desire to be happy is like the desire of hunger. It is innate. The reason you are not happy, if you are not, is because you have not gotten to the root yet…I want to help you.

– Maggie Roney


What To Expect


Genuinely caring about clients and actively listening to understand their needs

Personalized Care

Certified in several modalities/services to offer a personalized health plan to each client

Hope and Healing

Extensive and diversified experience that has been tested over time to offer hope and healing to each client that walks through the door

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"I'm Here For You"
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