Truth About Insurance

Maggie Roney LPC

A growing number of practitioners are choosing to no longer accept insurance, and instead are choosing to have clients pay their offices directly. I am now one of those providers. Many have asked why I am choosing this direction, and what the future of my practice will be for making this decision. 

In the long run, the benefits of doing so are much greater for my clients because the services will no longer be limited by what insurance can pay for. My goal is to help those who have suffered trauma of all types heal both inside and outside, and I need the freedom to do what is best for my clients. 

Why I Chose This Direction

My mission is to help people both internally and externally. I have always made sure to use my education and certifications to help my clients by creating a personalized care plan for each one of them. 

My practice includes several methods, such as counseling services, EMDR, Neurofeedback, Muscle Testing, and Functional Medicine. Using these services together helps me learn about and get to the root of my client’s issues and help them pave a pathway to healing. 

I strive to help adolescents, first responders, and those who have trauma from their childhood find peace and healing. Many people think that the traumas they have suffered are beyond repair. That is simply not true!

People need to know that there is hope. There is a way for them to repair, and I am willing to do whatever it takes to help them to that point. Being able to connect with my clients and deduce what methods will treat them best is crucial for meeting the goal of my practice. The lack of limitations due to not accepting insurance, allows me to provide quality care for my clients. 

The Benefits of Not Accepting Insurance 

No Limitations in Providing Services

Insurance companies will only pay providers if the patient has a documented “diagnosis” or a “medical necessity”. –

Most insurance companies do not consider internal trauma or therapy “medical necessities”, and therefore will not pay for the services needed to assist those issues. I am also not willing to assign you an untruthful diagnosis just to be reimbursed for medical care.

Without the limitations of insurance networking, I can provide proper and correct care to my clients.

Transparent Pricing

Direct pay allows consumers to have more control over what they are spending and what they are getting for said prices. 

The price for my services are listed on my website under each service tab. You can also get more information on my prices through the contact options listed at the bottom of my website. These prices are clearly listed and cover the whole session. Insurance tends to only cover certain parts of a visit, so paying out of pocket will prevent any surprise bills from ending up in your mailbox. –

There is Hope

Choosing not to accept insurance aids in providing the highest quality care for clients. There is a way to heal, and I am ready to help clients walk into a happier, healthier life. 

If you are struggling with trauma and are looking for peace and recovery, take a look at what I can do to help you today by viewing my services here

There is hope and there is healing.

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