Functional Medicine in Rockwall Texas

Medicine that helps should not be the alternative.

About Functional Medicine

Maggie Roney serves the residents of Rockwall, Texas and uses a biology-based approach to finding the root causes of diseases. The goal is to promote general wellness, provide preventative care, and treat chronic conditions and other issues clients may be facing.

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Medicine that makes sense

The Key Elements to Functional Medicine

  • Taking the time to get to know you in order to get to know the root cause of your issues

  • Understanding that you are a person with unique experiences, background, health issues, etc.

  • Considering the root issues versus merely the symptoms

  • Using a holistic approach towards healing and prevention for a happier life

Maggie Roney as a counselor and alternative medicine practitioner

About Maggie Roney

The first thing I want you to know is that you are not beyond help. I can help you! I have made sure that the education and certifications I have acquired work together to be able to create a personalized care plan, which often includes Functional Medicine, for each of my clients who live in and around the Rockwall, Texas area. 

Are You in or Around Rockwall, Texas?

Be confident in the next step towards better health. Check out common conditions treated with Functional Medicine, as well as pricing details. 

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