Simple Ways to Eat and Stay Healthy While Traveling

Maggie Roney LPC

Most of us are starting to prepare for our summer vacations by now. Whether you’re on a beautiful Caribbean island for a warm, tropical getaway or taking a road trip a few states away, we have all been looking forward to this vacation for months. It seems like nothing can stand in the way of unplugging for a week. However, when we travel, there is always a risk of potential sickness or gut issues that can keep us from fully enjoying ourselves.

In this article, I want to share with you a few ideas on how you can eat and stay healthy while traveling this summer!

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Why Traveling Leads to Potential Sickness

Waves of nausea, constipation, and bloating can hit us when you least expect it. Having a stomach issue on a vacation can quickly turn trips upside down. As much as we try to avoid it, it is more common than not.

The Change in Environment

It is because when we travel, we are being exposed to various environments that we are not normally in our everyday lives. The environment is different from what our bodies are typically accustomed to, such as the air, water, food, germs, and the list goes on.

The Stress Factor

One factor that is not often considered in the hustle and bustle of traveling is managing our stress levels. Stress affects all aspects of the digestive system because it puts our body in a “fight or flight” response which suppresses your immune response and digestion. The simple way to counteract the stress is practice deep breathing, ensure we get plenty of sleep, and even give ourselves extra travel time to keep the stress minimized. Also, light or moderate exercise while traveling will help increase the blood flow to the muscles in the digestive tract to keep things moving in your system.

Foods and Fluids

While this is helpful if the stomach issues are the result of travel stress or a schedule change, stomach issues will often hit after consuming contaminated water or food, or just simply not drinking enough fluids. Therefore, eating a healthy and balanced diet will help you avoid falling victim to illness on your vacation.

How To Stay Healthy When Traveling

To eat healthy while traveling, and to keep stomach issues away, follow these tips I’ve outlined below.

Increase your water intake

If you tend to have gut issues exclusively when you travel, drink more water before, during, and after your getaway. When you travel to a new place, you want to make sure your digestive system continues to function properly. Water helps to ensure this by assisting in breaking down your food, absorbing important nutrients, and moving waste through your digestive system so your bowel movements continue to be consistent.

Eat more fiber-rich foods

Just like with your water consumption, you’ll want to eat more fiber-rich fruits and vegetables leading up to, and throughout your vacation. These foods help you stay full and will help to regulate your digestion.

Don’t overeat

As tempting as it is to try all the great foods on vacation, try to eat the same size-portions as you would back home. This will help ensure your gut is working how it would if you were not away. The problem with overeating is that you are causing the stomach to expand to a larger size which results in stomach discomfort.

Add RestorFlora to your daily supplement routine

RestorFlora is a probiotic supplement with probiotic strains Saccharomyces boulardii, Bacillus subtilis HU58, and Bacillus clausii SC109. These offer a dual-action approach that will help you maintain a healthy intestinal environment while being away. When you take RestorFlora, it will help aid in your digestion, support healthy (and regular) bowel movement, support a healthy immune function, and support your body’s detoxification – what more could you want while on your vacation?

Begin taking MegaSporeBiotic before your trip (and keep taking it while away)

Another supplement, MegaSporeBiotic, is 100% spore-based and made from a blend of 5 Bacillus spores. These spores will remain dormant in harsh environments until they reach your gastrointestinal tract. Once there, they work to colonize the gut to promote gut health. This probiotic supplement doesn’t need to be refrigerated, so it can be packed no matter what climate you are traveling to.

Going on vacation is supposed to be fun – and I want it to be for you! Ensure your next trip is stomach issue free by following the tips above on how to eat healthy while traveling.

Still have a question or do you want to talk more about any of these pointers? I’d be happy to chat more! Reach out to me today to learn more about gut health and how it affects your overall health.  

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