Functional Medicine

Medicine that helps should not be the alternative.

Personalized care that works

About Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a systems biology-based comprehensive approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. I use this approach to promote wellness, provide preventative care, and treat chronic conditions and other issues you may be facing.

Functional Medicine can help with the following conditions:

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Medicine that makes sense

The Key Elements to Functional Medicine

  • Taking the time to get to know you in order to get to know the root cause of your issues

  • Understanding that you are a person with unique experiences, background, health issues, etc.

  • Considering the root issues versus merely the symptoms

  • Using a holistic approach towards healing and prevention for a happier life


Experience the Benefits

Customized health plan for each unique individual

Diagnosis and treatment for the root issues

Partnership between provider and client

Is Functional Medicine a Good Fit?

  • Have you been to several doctors but still do not have answers?

  • Do you have a chronic health issue without the known cause?

  • Do you want to look better, feel better and live longer?

Pricing Details

Initial Intake Session

75 minutes


Follow-up Session

45 minutes


This amount does not include bloodwork or supplements that may be ordered.

*Unfortunately, insurance does not recognize the value of functional medicine and therefore is not covered. But do not let this deter you, the benefits outweigh the cost! 

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